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The Militia Templi ( Ordo Militiae Christi ) was founded by French noble knights in Jerusalem in 1118/19, in order to protect the pilgrims and the Holy Land . Balduin II, King of Jerusalem, left a wing of his palace, adjacent to the ruins of the Temple of King Solomon , to the Order as headquarters. That's why the members, who united the Christian monastic and militant knightly ideal in life in themselves, were called Templars.

On the basis of the greatest show trial of the Middle Ages, and with the stimulation of Philipp the Fair, the French king, Pope Clement V – though, in contrast with the canon law, but unfortunately legally – dissolved the Order in 1312. That why the various organisations, founded through the centuries, which considered themselves the legal successor of the ancient Order of Knights Templar are all illegitimate, because they had never got the approval of the Church, necessary to the operation.

In 1979, Count Marcello Alberto Cristofani della Magione, imitating the mind of “ De laude novae militiae ”, written by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, founded a new order in Italy, known as the Militia Templi ( Militia Templi – Christi pauperum Militum Ordo ), on the basis of the rule of the ancient Order, but not claiming a direct derivation from the ancient Order. This order was civilly recognised in that year, and it was approved by the Church in 1988. In 1989, Pope John Paul II awarded in perpetuum, a series of indulgences for the main times of knight's life. The official church publication, the „ Dizionario degli Istitut di Perfezione ” (Edizione Paoline, Rome 1997) describes this order as the sole legitimate Order of the Knights Templar in its chapter, entitled “The restoration of the Templars”. The current Cardinal Protector of the reformed Order is Edouard Cardinal Gagnon.

The reformed Order of the Knights Templar and its Hungarian Preceptory, being worthy of the ancient Order, try to operate as an ecclesiastical order of knighthood in the future. It's policy is to ensure its commitment, mental and intellectual efficiency and its entire and absolute faithfulness to the Catholic Church with its work and spirituality.

Militia Templi – Hungarian Preceptory

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Updated: 24 November, 2006